COP 23 Goals

COP 23 · Portorož · Slovenia · Hotel Bernardin
5. – 8. December 2023

Key messages of the Slovenian presidency of the Barcelona Convention

Green transition in the Mediterranean:
from decisions to actions

Moving from plans and programmes to concrete actions to ensure a prosperous and sustainable Mediterranean.

This goal can be achieved by strengthening:

River Basin Management, Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Maritime Spatial Planning: engaging citizens in environmental issues and decision-making processes.

Transboundary, regional and interregional cooperation in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Danube River Basin.

Inter-generational cooperation: involving youth in the activities of local, national and regional institutions and environmental programmes.

Climate change adaptation policies and plans developed from national to local level (top-down and bottom-up).

Global frameworkfor implementation of Barcelona Convention, focusing on climate change, biodiversity and protection of oceans.


Signature of the Connected Work Program 2023 – 2025