Wednesday, 6 December, room: MEDITERANEA

THEME 1: Responding to the triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity and nature loss, pollution and waste

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Blue economy

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13:00 – 15:00Tools and Initiatives to promote a Sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean
1. Opportunities and challenges for MSP in the Mediterranean

2. “ONLY ONE”: One Planet, One Ocean, One Health – The Italian best practices for the sea protection

3. Fostering sustainable Blue Tourism in the Mediterranean: Regional Diagnosis, Policy Pathways and Action plan

4. The governance of blue economy: The Italian case
1. Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC)

2. Marevivo Environmental Foundation

3. Institut du development durable et des relations internationals (IDDRI)

4. International Federation for sustainable development and Fight against poverty (FISPMED Onlus)
Climate change

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18:00 – 19:30From COASTAL to FOREST ecosystems: Mediterranean Nature-based Solutions to tackle climate change and ensure the Resilience of natural Ecosystems and People.1. RESTCOAST project: Effective restoration through transformative governance and upscaling

2. RESCOM project: Implementing Nature-based Solutions for ecosystems and communities’ resilience

3. Forest Research for Resilient Mediterranean

4. Innovation and cooperation for improved forest action and informed decision prioritization to face global change

5. The Mediterranean Forest Initiative: to reduce disaster risks, protect and restore critical ecosystems, promote adaptation
1. IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation (IUCN-Med)

2. Tour du Valat and MedWet on behalf of Mediterranean Biodiversity Consortium

3. European Forest Institute (EFI)

4. European Topic Centre – University of Malaga (ETC-UMA)

5. United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)